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Traveling Vineyard – Make Money With A Flexible Work Schedule

Traveling Vineyard has been operational for the last six years. The company has succeeded in creating a portfolio of satisfied customers through its quality products and good customer care.

Some of the wine brands include Red, White, and Fizzy. The firm uses a unique business model that has been proven useful for its wine business.

Traveling Vineyard hires and trains Wine Guides whose responsibilities are to market and sell the firm’s wine brands. They organize free wine tasting events for potential clients, and from that point, they are able to sell the commodity. The model benefits the company as well as the Wine Guides. The organization has reduced its overhead costs since it started using the model.

The financial resources that were being set aside for sales and marketing are utilized for other growth purposes. Wine Guides earn good incomes, through commissions and monthly wine club sales, enough to pay their bills. Also, they enjoy a flexible work schedule, create networks, and a sense of accomplishment. Traveling Vineyard’s robust social media presence encompasses LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The organization sells a lot through these platforms because of the large following.

Becoming a Wine Guide can be a very good decision. By using good marketing techniques, Traveling Vineyard provides workers with the opportunity to make as much money as they want. There is nothing better in business than promoting a high quality product, and Traveling Vineyard provides quality wine that many people love to drink. Regional meetings and an annual harvest are also provided for workers to help discuss marketing strategies that can be used for getting the best results with Traveling Vineyard.

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