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Venezuela Sends Humanitarian Aid To Earthquake Victims

The people were caught up in the earthquake in Peru and Ecuador have received aid from Venezuela. The President of the country sent planes with food and supplies to the victims of the earthquake, and he has left the door open for more aid. Everyone is trying to do their part to help the people who were hit so savagely by the earthquake, and anything that is sent is good for the people there.
There are a lot of people who been affected by the earthquake according to David Osio, and they are all receiving supplies from Venezuela that are a Godsend. The people who are struggling to survive in this terrible circumstance need what is coming from Venezuela, and it is a very good look for the government of the country to show that they are a great and growing economy that can step up to help others.

South America is coming together to make sure that all in their number are protected, and they are going to be sending as many supplies as they can. “A lot of people were wondering who was going to step up to offer aid first, and they got it first from the people in Venezuela because of their amazing and proactive government” says Osio. The government moved fast because the earthquake was felt there in the hearts of all the people who are in power, and it means a lot to the people who are all very proud South Americans.