Wengie’s tips for trimming and toning

While most of us assume that the thin and beautifully toned Wengie must spend hours a day exercising at the gym, she reveals the truth in one of her recent videos: she doesn’t follow any kind of workout routine at all. For those who do head to the gym and get their sweat on a few times during the week this doesn’t seem fair. How is it that this Asian-Australian beauty has such an incredible physique and not have a rigorous exercise schedule? Wengie does dish out some unique recommendations though for those who want to appear more toned. Her first piece of advice is to pay attention to the input rather than just the output. In other words, instead of focusing solely on working out, we should pay attention to what we are putting into our bodies. While many spend a significant amount of time toning their bodies, their muscles remain hidden underneath a layer of fat. If these same exercisers made it a priority to consume protein-filled foods their muscles would probably have more definition. Wengie says she tries to incorporate foods that contain high-amounts of protein frequently into her diet.

Wengie’s other recommendation has to do with basic habits during the day. To help burn calories Wengie confesses that she moves around quite a bit. Even though this certainly does sound logical many people have a tendency to sit around a lot during the day. The Youtube fashionista clarifies that “movement” doesn’t have to be getting all geared up in sports attire and sweat, but can merely be putting on a pair of comfy shoes and walking. The key, Wengie advises, is to make movement habitual during the waking hours.

Even though Wengie is not committed to a training plan, she does see the value in having one. For her, in order to be diligent about exercising it’s got to be something that is interesting that she continually <i>wants</i> to do. Sadly, most forms of working out seem to consist of a a lot of work and little enjoyment. Once she is able to find that magical fitness formula, she too may become a fitness fanatic.


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