What Vijay Eswaran’s ‘Two Minutes from the Abyss’ Book Is About

Dr. Vijay Eswaran had a book that he wrote to explain why philanthropy and making personal sacrifices for others is important to him, and the book has sold quite well. The title of the book is “Two Minutes from the Abyss—11 Pillars of Life Management,” a book that was written after he made a spiritual journey to Tibet. The phrase “two minutes from the abyss” was something a Tibetan monk told him with the meaning that you never know when your life could end, so you should always live today as if it’s your last. Eswaran said he believes this means you should be willing to take risks and do things out of the ordinary that you didn’t feel you could do before. And he also speaks of how you will find fulfillment by helping others succeed by sacrificing your own ambitions if need be. Eswaran said one reason why he chose the multilevel marketing business is because his success in that business only happens if others are successful.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is both Indian and Malaysian by birth, and his business deals have been beneficial to both countries’ markets. He attended the London School of Economics and got his master’s degree from Southern Illinois University. Eswaran had limited exposure to multilevel marketing

while doing odd jobs to pay for his tuition, but he went full-time into it in 1998 when he met his first business partner Joseph Bismark and saw the opportunity to do it in the Hong Kong area. He had limited capital to work with when he first started his MLM company, but through patience and persistence it grew into a billion-dollar corporation known as QI Group Ltd, and today it’s more than just a MLM operation. It is also the holding company for a financing firm and even a national university in Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran has given away much of his wealth to social causes through his foundations. The RYTHM Foundation that he presides over has made a big difference in aiding communities affected by natural disasters and who have great numbers of special needs children. Eswaran has won several awards and recognition including a place in Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy list.